To the sea by bike

bicimar 003Hi! I’m just back from a little holiday escape (more on that on next post).

Today I want to show you some photos from two weeks ago, when we went to the sea by car + bike.

bicimar 001We have amazing folding bikes (Bompton), so we carried them in the car to a town near the coast, where there is an amazing cycling path that seems like a motorway for bikes :)

bicimar 012Our destination: The Mediterranean!

bicimar 006It was an amazing day! But then things started to go crazy at work and I couldn’t post about it.

Finally this weekend we’ve made an escape (to the sea again) and now I feel much better.

See you soon!

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8 Responses to To the sea by bike

  1. Love this sea! And that path is just beautiful! I’m sure very comfortable to ride on. I’m a fan of bike trips and I haven’t had one for a looong time. That should be changed!

  2. I would have enjoyed that biking trip.

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