Our changing weather


These photos were taken two weeks ago during our brief escape to the sea:

empuries 026

Temperatures were about 25ºC (77 F).

empuries 031empuries 032

And it was sunny.

empuries 046

These were taken in the morning, about 7am; look at that beautiful sunlight:

empuries 077

empuries 079

And this was at 10 am. We left at 11am because it was too hot :)

Foto0637And then, look at these images, taken two days ago:

2013-04-28 13.28.27

It was  3ºC (37,4F) at 2pm. It was snowing only two hours before.

Foto0675Of course, these images are not from the sea, but there are only 80 km (49 mi) approximately between these two places.

So, I realize that our weather is a very changing one. And I feel ok with it, because I love variety and where I live I can get very different landscapes just driving for less than an hour.

How amazing is to see spring flowers and snow in the same photo?

Foto0676Today it’s sunny again, although the temps are still cold.

Who knows how next week will be like?

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4 Responses to Our changing weather

  1. I attest this amazing weather change, near my home fell about 50cm of fresh snow. És el que té la primavera! Blog preciós per cert. Best wishes, Àngel

  2. Snow, in Spain now? Wonderful series.

    • nuresma says:

      Yep, and it’s not that unusual :) I think this week has snowed again up in the mountains here in Catalonia.
      Thank you for your comment!

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