Back again


After a short vacation, I must say I feel much better.

I waked to this view for some days:

estamariu 029Just dreamy, isn’t it? It is the Cadí mountain range, here in the Catalan Pyrenees.

Plus, I’ve spent long hours in this lovely terrace, just chilling out:

estamariu 007Orici made a new big friend:

estamariu 026And we were between mountains and lovely villages!

estamariu 087estamariu 109Just the relaxing days I needed so much.

And now, life continues, but I’m more aware of its infinite value.

estamariu 057Love,


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3 Responses to Back again

  1. I’m glad you caught a breathe! The views are so relaxing & lovely. Nature is indeed the most calming escape. And Catalonia seems to have endless beauty to offer!

  2. And you took such amazing pics :)

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