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Hi everyone!

How are you? It’s been a while since I last stopped by..


And, as I found it difficult to update the blog due to my lack of free time… I’ve thought I will try on instagram. Of course, the content will be very different (and quite less interesting I would add), but anyway! if you feel like it, do come and visit me:


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Back again


After a short vacation, I must say I feel much better.

I waked to this view for some days:

estamariu 029Just dreamy, isn’t it? It is the Cadí mountain range, here in the Catalan Pyrenees.

Plus, I’ve spent long hours in this lovely terrace, just chilling out:

estamariu 007Orici made a new big friend:

estamariu 026And we were between mountains and lovely villages!

estamariu 087estamariu 109Just the relaxing days I needed so much.

And now, life continues, but I’m more aware of its infinite value.

estamariu 057Love,


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So, I’ve been incredibly tired these last days. When I arrive at home after work I have no energy left, everything seems like a big effort to me (even just opening the computer). As you can see, I’m somewhat out of the world 🙂

Foto0683Hopefully enough, during the weekends there are moments of complete bliss and relax, like the other day, when we go to this lovely restaurant.

Foto0682A cup of tea and green views are always a good idea 🙂

Foto0684I hope to get better and to be able to blog more regularly…

In the meanwhile, thank you so much to Debbie and thebusythistle for awarding me with the Leibster Award. I will try to make the next post about it.

Take care!

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Recently found in Etsy

As it’s been a while since my last posting on Etsy favorites… here they are, a few of them:

etsy1This beautiful coral zafu. I really love this shade.

etsy2A landscape that reminds me of my childhood. Lovely photo from here.

etsy3Summer evenings al fresco are coming soon. Can’t wait! These recycled beauties will make a perfect decor.

etsy4And of course, some piece of jewellery is always appealing, isn’t it? 🙂

I’m always amazed at the great talent of humans… We can really create nice and amazing things!

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Barcelona – aquarium and more

The other day we went to Barcelona, to the Aquarium.

aquabarna 019It was difficult to take good photos (obviously, flash is forbidden and the light is slighty strange in there).

Anyway, the experience was amazing. Here we are under three sharks.

aquabarna 030We loved that visit, and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Barcelona (it takes about two hours, it’s a good thing if it’s raining-for example).

aquabarna 034When we leave the Aquarium, we were very pleased to see the Greenpeace ‘Arctic Sunrise’ in the port.

aquabarna 078This placard means: Sustainable fishing is the future.

aquabarna 081Couldn’t agree more!

And, after that, we went to the Arenas mall for having lunch.

aquabarna 089This mall is very interesting, in means of architecture, because it’s the result of an amazing renovation of an unused bull ring. Luckily enough, bullfights are illegal in Catalonia nowadays (this cruel activity remains only in Spain).

aquabarna 088The views from the top are amazing!

So, all in all, a fantastic day spent in our capital city 🙂

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Zen dinner

Last Wednesday we had a day off and we took advantage of it in order to relax.

After meditating for an hour, we were not in the mood of having dinner in a restaurant or in our regular table… we needed something different.

aquabarna 007So, I prepared this romantic zen dinner in our favourite spot of the house 🙂

aquabarna 009Food was light, just like we wanted, and the atmosphere was quiet and peaceful.

A happy dinner indeed 🙂

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Our changing weather


These photos were taken two weeks ago during our brief escape to the sea:

empuries 026

Temperatures were about 25ºC (77 F).

empuries 031empuries 032

And it was sunny.

empuries 046

These were taken in the morning, about 7am; look at that beautiful sunlight:

empuries 077

empuries 079

And this was at 10 am. We left at 11am because it was too hot 🙂

Foto0637And then, look at these images, taken two days ago:

2013-04-28 13.28.27

It was  3ºC (37,4F) at 2pm. It was snowing only two hours before.

Foto0675Of course, these images are not from the sea, but there are only 80 km (49 mi) approximately between these two places.

So, I realize that our weather is a very changing one. And I feel ok with it, because I love variety and where I live I can get very different landscapes just driving for less than an hour.

How amazing is to see spring flowers and snow in the same photo?

Foto0676Today it’s sunny again, although the temps are still cold.

Who knows how next week will be like?

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